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FAQ Apps


Websites are available to any person, screen or device, apps need to be downloaded & installed.  The user must have heard of your app and have a need for your app to download the app to his already busy & full phone (or tab).

our APP approach

Developing apps used to be a VERY EXPENSIVE, time-consuming & specialized service provided by a very limited group of service providers. 

BUT with the development of cloud-based application development platforms, the risks (for both the client & developers) have reduced significantly and the use of per-developed tested & working "building blocks" have reduced the time it requires to build an application.

AND since applications are installed on phones and devices and the change and upgrade at a blistering pace the needs and functionalities of devices and applications on them also change, BUT the cloud based application development platforms track the changes and update its offering to stay current and at no extra cost to the end user.

So, if we understand what your needs are & where that will fit into your bigger business needs we can:

  1. Create the foundation for your application  (without reinventing the process of building apps).
  2. Add the required app building blocks to deliver your solutions.
  3. Have the assurance that the platform will work on multiple platforms and stay current.
  4. Focus and testing the flow of content on your app.
  5. Spend less time to launch your app.
  6. Make updates (by the development team or your content team) easier with online editing tools.
  7. Make sure that the application is compliant with the rules and requirements of the Android & Apple App Stores
  8. Make sure that the application is always available for download in the Android & Apple App Stores
  9. Provide you with stats on the usage of the app
  10. If needed, integrate your app and your website so that information is "shared" between the platforms.